Class of 2022 AIE Graduation

News / 15 April 2023

Hey all, 
My students from, 2021-2022 graduated yesterday. Super proud of them all, to see them finally be recognized for the hard work and talent they have showcased over the last 2 years. 

Unfortunately, I was very sick so I pre-recorded the message to my graduates that got played during the ceremony. thought to share it here.  

I also had the chance to play around with Nvidia AI broadcaster tools which in a very convincing way, have the ability to correct the direction of your eyes in live footage. To give you the illusion that you are looking directly into the camera. You can watch the video above to see the 2nd attempt to get it to work. Overall it was plug and play, very impressed and will likely use it for personal projects in the future. 

I was able to attend the event via a private live stream via Youtube. Even though I was remote, I was able to see those goofy individuals get up and get awarded for their efforts. However, it was a shame that my online students or students couldn't make it in person. Were not included in an acknowledgment verbally that they also graduated within this live event, I guess it was a very Canberra-centric graduation ceremony, while it was still streamed live to youtube. 

So, I wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge everyone in this post that I taught during this cohort. Online and in person!

I have previously written a blog post here on Artstation about their final year major work, you can find that here.

Artists from 2022:
- Aislinn (Ayvee) Smith
- Lara Diego
- Anais Robert
- Ethan Kyte
- Connor McKinnon
- Petra Crispin
- Kye Harrison
- Lachlan Goolagong
- Lawson Upton
- Mikayla Parany
- Ace Davidson
- Azshwyn Sibley
- Hayley Brooker
- Holly Thompson
Jesse Lazzaro

Winner of Best Game Artist:
Lara Diego 

Winner of Best Game: Planet Nine

- Connor McKinnon
- Petra Crispin
- Kye Harrison
- Lachlan Goolagong

And a picture from the live stream, 
That's about it, proud of you all :)