Second Year Student Major Projects - AIE Canberra - 2019

Article / 14 December 2019

Another year has wrapped up. and another year of students wrapping up their two years of study. 

For 15 weeks, 2 days a week at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Canberra. I have been helping mentor the students for their final year major projects along with Tony Oakden and Rik Lagarto. Students developed pitches that went under multiple culling processes and then pitched it to an Industry panel which the teachers filtered down to four games to be green-lit.

It was great to see these students, improve and overcome the challenges they faced during the 15 weeks, it was a pleasure seeing them evolve and develop these 4 little titles. Be sure to click on the links as there is more content/screenshots to check out. 


"A Top-Down, Retro Arcade, Shooter.  Where you can rotate the map to fire upon enemies from different angles".

Art: Jonah Bauer & Anna-Rose Barrett 
Design: Jonathan Hosking
Programming: Francisco Romano

Download Flank:

'Child of the Night'

"A casual top-down 3D stealth game where the player - a vampire - must sneak around the town and consume their victims before the sun rises".

Art: Meg Groeneveld, Lani Parker, Molly Trehy & Anna-Rose Barrett
Design: Blayne Cuzner
Programming: Justin Cragg & Callum Burden


'Legion Fall'

“Legion Fall” is a 3rd person, historical-fantasy game, where the player fights barbarians while exploring a mysterious valley to find the Legion’s lost messenger.

Art: Sarah Staley, RJ O'Sullivan, Robert Dickson, Aaron Lalor & Chris O'Neill
Design: Saxon Hutchinson
Programming: Thomas Wooster 



"A 2.5D puzzle platformer where you play as a marshmallow trying to escape the appetite of humans"

Art: Jaymie Sibree, Alyssa Barry &  Cassandra Zanin
Design: James Wilson & Jackson Lello 
Programming: Sean McCarthy & Reece McIntyre 


Benjamin Roach - [Q&A] (Level Design & Founder, Upsurge Studios)

Article / 22 August 2019

Hey Everyone, 

AIE had their open day last weekend. I was in doing two Animation workshop's for the general public. But Benjamin Roach was our Industry Speaker for the general public and shared some advice of his career pathways and how he got into the Japanese games Industry with Square Enix, Sega and FromSoftware.  

Craig Brown organized, interviewed and edited the video and Tom Magill who was in charge of capturing the event on camera. Without these two, this video wouldn't exist!

Make sure to check out Benjamin Roach's Artstation and check out the great stuff he has been working on.  

Hope its handy for any prospecting peeps. 

- Finn

James Lucas - [Q&A] Interview & Experiences within the VFX Industry.

Article / 22 May 2019

Hey Everyone,
James Lucas was in town last weekend, to do an interview with Craig Brown at the AIE Canberra Open day. The Q&A, was mainly about James experiences he has had within the Australian VFX industry and advice for prospecting students who are eager to enter the industry.  And what it was like to work as a Texture/Environment artist.

James has worked on Aquaman, John Wick 3, Men In Black International, IT Chapter 2 and now is currently working at Quixel.

It was an absolute pleasure to finally meet James in person. I've known him for a while, but only in the digital form. I helped teach the AIE Online courses back when James was a student. And I was luckily enough to have had James in a few of my classes. Though the sheer credit to his successes is himself, with dedication and commitment he has put to his craft. :)

If you are reading this James, keep up the stellar work! I look forward checking out the adventures you embark on next. Especially that which involves with sweet sweet... Megascans and other awesome texture goodness! haha

Make sure to check out James Artstation, it has lots of pretty artworks to check out and goggle at.

I also want to shout out, Craig Brown who organized, interviewed and edited the video and Tom Magill who was in charge of capturing the event on camera. Without these two, this video wouldn't exist!

- Finn 

Michael Norback - Interview and Presentation - Advice for Aspiring Students

Article / 28 March 2019

Michael Norback was in town a month ago and did a presentation on how he entered the industry. The recording has just been uploaded and thought it would be useful for aspiring students looking to enter the industry.

Michael has worked at Method Studios, SlateVFX and The Mill within an assortment of roles. The video covers his personal journey, and the evolution of his portfolio and how he got his first job. Additionally, also giving a list of advice to other inspiring artists who are looking to enter the industry, the do's and don'ts etc. Overall great talk!

It was absolutely wonderful to have Michael drop in and conduct this interview/presentation here on the campus. And hang around with the students afterwards to answer questions and do a live demo in the class. The students and teachers appreciated the time he spent with us and look forward to hunting down his name within the credits of past and present projects he has worked on.

If you want to check out more about Michael you can find him on linkedin. :)

I also want to shout out, Craig Brown who organized, interviewed and edited the video and Tom Magill who was in charge of capturing the event on camera.

Although I was merely a participant to the talk, you can hear me asking questions for the students at the end. And if Michael is reading this... Thanks again and stay in contact! Drop in anytime if your in town, Always welcome!

Have a great weekend everyone, Enjoy the video!

- Finn